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    Intensity Pro

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      We have two Dell Precision T5400 workstations, with BlackMagic Intensity Pro cards installed, that we are having a few problems with. See attached image to get a better idea of our full production pipeline.


      My questions.

      Scenario 1:


      1. We shoot HDV footage using our (PAL) Canon XH-A1, which records it to MiniDV tape. When recording to MiniDV tape, the camera compresses this footage, using MPEG2, as 4:2:0 - 1440 x 1080 - 25fps. Correct?
      2. If I then load a HDV 1080i25 (50i) Premiere Pro CS3 project preset, I can then capture this footage off the MiniDV tape through firewire, which Premiere stores on my hard drive as an MPEG2 file, which can then be edited natively within that Premiere Pro project file using the HDV 1080i Editing Mode. Correct?


      Scenario 2:


      1. Using the same shot HDV footage as scenario 1, if I load a BlackMagic Motion JPEG 1080i25 (50i) Premiere Pro CS3 preset, and change my capture format to HDV capture, will Premiere then transcode my recorded HDV footage into an intermediate Motion JPEG file during capture? If so, will this also be an MPEG2 file or an AVI? I'm assuming it would be much larger too if it is transcoded. How can I look at the properties for this file to check what codec was used to encode it?
      2. Once captured (transcoded?) the Premiere sequence will output this video from the timeline, using the BlackMagic Intensity Pro card with the output set to Component, to our Panasonic broadcast monitor. Correct?
      3. If the footage is transcoded for this project preset, will it be encoded back to MPEG2 when exporting back to tape?


      Scenario 3:


      1. What would be the difference to scenario 2 if I loaded a BlackMagic 8 bit YUV uncompressed Premiere Pro CS3 preset instead?



      Justin Pamenter