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    CS4 update to 4.2 - problems remain


      I am very disappointed that the latest update does not fix the Multicam windows colour error when running Premiere with Matrox RT.X2. The boarders on the multicam boxes remain green, whether playing or recording, rather than turning red when recording. And when re-mixing the boarders incorrectly follow the previous edit, rather than the new edit, even though the new edit is correctly recorded on the timeline. This issue only seems to happen when running with RT.X2, so does it indicate that Adobe and Matrox are not working together? There must be a lot of users of the RT.X2 system.  The problem occurs on my 3 different video computers, which all run Windows XP and RT.X2.


      Any sign of an update or help would be much appreciated.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          There must be a lot of users of the RT.X2 system.


          In the past that may have been the case, but the number is diminishing, because of the numerous troubles with Matrox. Take your problem, that is a Matrox problem, so you have to contact them. Maybe they will bring out some updates before CS5 is out.

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            Alan Craven Level 4

            The latest drivers for the RTX2 are for use with  PremierePro CS4.1.  Matrox have said that they should not be used with CS4.2.  There are reports on the Matrox forums of problems using these drivers with CS4.2.


            Matrox are promising suitable drivers "soon".

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              MPH-England Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. I have been trying to get a response from Matrox...  I remain unclear as to whether Adobe and Matrox work together in any way. With regard to the CS4.2 update, Adobe clearly states that it's suitbale for all users. Surely they would have known that there might be a problem with the Matrox RT.X2.


              There are so many problems with CS4 (compared with CS3) that I wonder if it will ever be fixed. For example, why does Encore CS4 take so long  (an hour or more) to render standard definition motion menus, and then - to add insult to injury - does not save them. So if you want to make a slight change to an unrelated menu, it has to re-render all the motion menus that hadn't been changed. CS3 used to take a few minutes in the same circumstances, and always saved the results.


              I would really appreciate a specific response from Adobe. But please don't ask me to do all the computer checks which seems to be the standard response. I have done all that; I have 3 video computers, all slightly different, but all running Windows XP and Matrox RT.X2. They all conform to the Matrox spec., and all produce exactly the same problems with CS4.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7
                Adobe clearly states that it's suitbale for all users


                That is correct. If a user decides to mess with his system by using Matrox or other stuff not approved by Adobe, then all bets are off.

                For Matrox issues, contact Matrox. For Adobe issues, that occur in systems that are completely free of anything Matrox related, I suggest you contact Adobe. This is a User-to-User forum.

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                  MPH-England Level 1

                  Thanks Harm, but on the Adobe website, Matrox is listed as a Partner. As there are only 5 'partners' listed, it is reasonable to assume Adobe is in contact with them. Specialist video computer companies in the UK offer systems based on the Matrox RT.X2 card, and recommend them for HD work.


                  I have tried to contact Matrox, with no response. I have tried to contact Adobe, the only response being to make me check every aspect of the computer (several hours work) which I've done. After several weeks I've had no further response from Adobe about the issues with CS4. So I remain hopeful that Adobe may check these forums, or someone who has managed to make contact with Adobe, may have the answer.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    If you have the case number from Adobe, contact Dennis Radeke, an Adobe employee through private mail and give him the details of your case. He has stated here that if you have trouble with responses from TS to contact him and he will try to help you. Username here is dradeke. Let me know how you fare. If that does not work, let me know and I will contact Dennis for you.


                    A partner is something different than being approved. I would assume they share information, but Adobe makes the software and when the specs are finalized, only then can Matrox do the same with their drivers and plug-ins.

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                      MPH-England Level 1

                      Thanks Harm, it would be a very useful contact. I'm not clear how I contact him 'by private mail'. Guidance will be much appreciated.

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        You can search the forums for dradeke and look up his profile. On the right hand side you can post a private message.


                        Look here: http://forums.adobe.com/people/dradeke


                        I hope this helps.

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                          dradeke Adobe Employee

                          Hello, looking for me? 


                          You should be able to contact me via private mail in this system and include an outline of the problem, the case # if any and I'll do my best.


                          Harm is generally spot on here and one thing you might try is to test Premiere Pro multicam with a native Adobe project, though I'm not sure that the Matrox system doesn't insert itself even then (I don't have an RT.X2 to play with).  Others here might be able to tell you what folder to drag out to definitively remove the Matrox hardware temporarily to test.


                          To address your question about Matrox as a partner.  Indeed they are a partner and a very good one at that.  The pro's of Adobe's open SDK and emphasis on partnership is that our users have more choice about what kind of workflows and hardware they want to embrace.  I think this is a huge advantage - Choice is always good in the area of video editing.  The cons of this approach are that hardware and software occasionally have conflicts - sometimes the needs of Adobe and our partners can not be 100% aligned. CS4 is a great example.  We made some choices that were important for our customers but it had an adverse affect temporarily on our hardware partners. We're always working to make sure our partners are in lock step with us and 4.2 is a step towards that, though I don't know if the problem you outline is a Matrox one or an Adobe one.  Trying to do a multicam without the RT.X2 will be a great first step.  Let me know.


                          Hope this helps,


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                            MPH-England Level 1

                            Many thanks Dennis and Harm. I've been trying to find a date when Matrox will be updating the RT.X2 software, but no success. The issue with multicam is a Matrox one as Multicam works correctly if a project is loaded without Matrox. Matrox say they are aware of the issue and are working on it.


                            But I wonder if anyone else is having problems with the windows all defaulting to the centre of the primary screen (out of 2 screens) whenever I open a project? This happens with or without Matrox. i.e.any windows that I have separated so that I can arrange on the screen in my chosen positions, all go to the centre of the primary screen when the project is opened. It makes no difference if I save the arrangement under a name, or click 'save with project'. It's very irritating as I have to arrange all the windows whenever I open any project - and the frequent crashes of CS4 make it worse than normal. All was well with CS3.

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                              shooternz Level 6



                              Out of curiosity....


                              Have you ever tried running Premiere in a Non Matrox Project with the material you shoot / edit?

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                                MPH-England Level 1

                                Yes, for experimental purposes I have started a project without using a Matrox preset, and the windows still default to the centre of the primary screen, so I concluded that the windows position problem is not related to Matrox.

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                                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                                  It sounds to me to be a video driver problem. You probably have a nVidia card, because with ATI and dual screens, the open project window is always in the center of both screens. Check you have the latest driver and check your your monitor setup in the nVidia configuration.


                                  You are talking about Windows (plural). What other windows show this behaviour, apart from the open pioject, or do you also mean preferences, playback, etc.?

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                                    MPH-England Level 1

                                    Thanks for your reply Harm.


                                    I wasn't sure whether the graphics drivers were up to date, so have just downloaded the latest from the ATI website (Radion X1950 Pro and Radion X1950 Pro Secondary). But the problem remains. i.e. in order to arrange the windows within the project as I like them, I have separated the Audio Mixer, Source window and Program window. I arrange these within the space across the two screens, and with CS3 the positions were always saved and remembered. After buying CS4 these windows always open one on top the other in the centre of the primary screen. Using Window>Workspace and saving under a chosen name does not solve the problem, nor does "Import Workspace from Projects"


                                    Latest Update:  It did turn out to be a setting in the Radion software. All is well now - many thanks Harm.