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    Flex hit counter


      how to add simple hit conter in flex???


      In php succesflly loadded the hit conter its working but i want to know how to add external variables in-to flex?....


          //Opening file to get counter value
          $fp = fopen ("counter.txt", "r");
          $count_number = fread ($fp, filesize ("counter.txt"));
                  <title>Counter number</title>
                  $ImgPath="imgs/";    //Path of image folder
                  $counter = (int)($count_number) + 1;
                  $count_number = (string)($counter);
                  $len = strlen($count_number);
                  while($len!=$i && $len!=0)
                      echo "<img src=".$ImgPath.$count_number[$i].".jpg alt=\"You are visitor number $count_number\" width=20 Height=22>";
                  $fp = fopen ("counter.txt", "w");
                  fwrite ($fp, $count_number);




      if yo konw please answer me its very urgent....