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    Problem with white space

    ACS LLC Level 1

      I am trying to remove all the white space created in the HTML by CF processes. I did have this working ok with


      <cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="true">


      But now I'm noticing it's not longer working, I know I saw it working!


      I'm outputting a string to the HTML, such as ABCDEFG, I don't want any white space from the queries above it, and yet I'm getting a significant amount of white space/line breaks.


      I also tried <cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="true"> but this did not do the trick


      The only way is to set the CFadmin to supress white space, but that's fine on local dev, however I use a shared server where I can't control the CFadmin settings and it's not switched on


      Appreciate any help





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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Other things you can use are <cfsilent>, <cfprocessingdirective> and making sure all your functions are specifically set to output="false".


          Custom tags are particularly bad at generating output, so it's vital to put <cfsilent> around as much of the tag code as possible.


          What do your hosting providers have against switching whitespace management as a matter of course, anyhow?