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    Can't move anything I select (with mouse or tablet)

    Ben Pease

      I have a sudden problem with Illustrator CS4 -- I can select items on my drawings, such as text, shapes, etc., but I can't move them. I get a "boop" (can't do that) noise and nothing happens. I can copy-paste the items I select; I can nudge a selected item using the arrow keys on my keyboard. Items I copy-paste similarly refuse to respond to being moved by a mouse.


      The drawing is not locked; the layers are not locked, the sublayers are not locked. As far as being able to move objects, it's as if the whole drawing is locked (If the selected items were locked I think I would not even be able to select them) but I can do a "select all" or select individual items with the mouse and they are selected.



      I'm running Mac OS10.4.11. I am using a Wacom tablet but the same problem occurs with a mouse.


      The only change I've made to Illustrator in the last couple months is I installed a trial version of MAPublisher, which expired several weeks ago; when I need to restart Illustrator (due to force quit or crash) there's a prompt that I need to activate or purchase this (excellent) add-on, but when I "cancel" out of that dialogue box to bypass it, Illustrator opens as normal. I have occasionally had to force quit Illustrator for not responding to a "quit" command, most recently this morning.


      Thanks for any help you can offer.