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    Problem for setting Framerate camera with AS3 In Flex


      For an application that I am develloping in actionscript 3.0 with Flex builder: I need a webcam able to
      capture at 60 fps.

      I choosed these cameras:- SPC1030NC, the framerate 60 fps is possible with that camera.

      and   -PS3 Eye with the ALEX DRIVER
         http://alexpopovich.wordpress.com/2008/10/02/sony-ps3eye-camera-directshow-capture-source- filter/


      I used the function camera.setMode(320,240,60) to do that: but the cameras not able to capture at more than 30 fps.
      the camera.fps and camera.currentfps is limited up to 30 fps.

      I am working on this problem for two weeks ago and did not succeed, I am lost! Please Help!!