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    Font Style


      does anyone have a problem dealing with font style in multi-languages? i do! Director 11 is now available in four different languages, German, French, Japanese, and English. i have been using a trial version of this Director 11 to see if Adobe has fixed the unicode problem. my answer is NO. in English, things are going well but in the different language Directors, font style does not change such as BOLD, and ITALIC (but somehow, underline works). end up with, the products created with Director 11 look sucky. hope Adobe fixes this problem as soon as possible. since we have been using Director so long, we wont switch to other programs. darn it, we are stuck!

      do you know how to overcome this problem??? let me know if you do.


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          Bold and Italic will only work in Director11 if the Font got
          realy a bold and/or italic file/description. There is no "italic"-fake
          (obligue?) anymore. The problem is, that even the fontlist nor
          the outlinefontlist gives any informations about the installed
          font you are using, f.ex. witch styles are supported.

          So all you can test is via try and error within some fonts.

          Underline will still work with all Fonts - the line has nothing to do
          within the font itself.