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    Licensing: Shared workstations and/or server

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      I have a question regarding licensing. Before I speak with an Adobe rep, I was wondering if anyone has experience with working with multi-user workstations/servers. My goal is to setup a central server on the network where employees can log in remotely and use software titles as needed.


      I see one of two scenarios playing out:


      1. Concurrent users would log into the server and fire up the software as needed.
        1. We would need a license for each concurrent user
        2. We would need a way to limit the number of users based on the number of licenses - make sure the number of concurrent users do not exceed the number of licenses we have
        3. Have a platform capable of launching a single software title multiple times - if not, then perhaps we can install a copy of the software (e.g. Photshop) into a separate directory for each license - not sure how this would work or if even possible
      2. We would install a single license on a networked server/workstation
        1. Install one copy of the software
        2. Set up a single generic user account - make sure only one person can log into the machine using the generic user account
        3. Usuage would be based on scheduling



      Anyone have experience with something similiar? Any reason this would/wouldn't work?


      Are Adobe software titles that are licensed to a company, attached to a machine or the employee?