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    single dimensional array and LineChart


      I have a single dimensional array populating a LineChart, which works fine, but I want to make a dataTipItems that shows JUST the value of the array at that point., but instead i get that and the position in the chart, is there anyway to specify just the value of the array?


      Here's what I've got so far:

      <mx:LineChart id="myChart" backgroundElements="{bge (THIS IS EMPTY) }" dataProvider="{ARRAYfinal}" showDataTips="true" width="100%" height="100%" color="#FFFFFF" fontSize="12" left="0" top="0">


                      <mx:CategoryAxis ticksBetweenLabels="false" id="a1"  />



                      <mx:LinearAxis interval="50" id="v2axis" minimum="-50" maximum="50" baseAtZero="false" title=""/>



                      <mx:AxisRenderer  tickPlacement="none" showLabels="false" axis="{a1}" showLine="false"/>



                      <mx:AxisRenderer tickPlacement="none" showLabels="false" axis="{a1}" showLine="false" />



                      <mx:LineSeries alpha=".7" displayName="Array 1" form="curve" toolTip="Democrat" lineStroke="{s1}" />

                      <mx:LineSeries alpha=".7" displayName="Array 2" form="curve" toolTip="Republican" lineStroke="{s2}" dataProvider="{ARRAYfinal2}" />




      Thanks for any help!