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    Random RSS Feeds

    murpg Level 1
      I have a small ColdFusion widget which I am able to use to collect RSS feeds and display them randomly. Everything is working okay except for the discription. I am getting the same desdription for each item with the same array key. I am only getting the first one in the array. It is not looping properly to give me the correct discription. The title is correct but not the description. I have attached the Application.cfm page and the widget utility.cfm.
      You can see what is coming back by looking at http://newsite.websbygeorge.com/utility.cfm
      You can see a dump of the ARRAY APPLICATION.RSSFeed by looking at
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          -==cfSearching==- Level 4
          murpg wrote:
          > APPLICATION.ParsedRSS[RandomFeed].rss.channel.item.description.xmltext
          > APPLICATION.ParsedRSS[RandomFeed].rss.channel.item[RandomPick].link.xmltext)#

          Perhaps you are missing the [RandomPick] index for description
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            mr. modus Level 1
            Your test site is down. (The joys of posting a URL on a forum.)

            If you look at this:
            <cfset RandomPick = RandRange(1, Arraylen(VARIABLES.LocalRSS[RandomFeed].rss.channel.item))>

            One would probably quess that Arraylen(VARIABLES.LocalRSS[RandomFeed].rss.channel.item) is equal to 1.
            You should dump the result of Arraylen(VARIABLES.LocalRSS[RandomFeed].rss.channel.item) and see what the arraylen is.

            Without seeing your XML it's hard to venture a guess.