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    DVD editing problem


      Help please.  I am the video production person for my church.  We create a video dvd which I bring home to edit.  Several times pre 7 reads up to a point downloading the video so I can edit it but does not finish the download.  You put the master in a dvd player and it shows the entire video.  Try to load it into pre 7 and it chops off the video in the middle of the last scene.  Am I running out of work space and if so, how do I increase the work space size?  This is driving me crazy.  It did not used to do this (I don't think).  Is there another problem?  Adobe has been virtually no help at all.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          Can you tell us more about these DVD's that you are using to transfer Video to your computer? If they are created by a program, please give details. If they are created by a camera, please give full details on that.


          Also, please tell us about your Project Preset and then a step-by-step of the operation that you are using to get the material from the DVD.


          The AV files on the DVD are MPEG-2 files, and are wrapped in a .VOB, provided that these are DVD-Video and not DVD-Data discs. .VOB's can have a lot more inside of them, than just the MPEG-2 files. This ARTICLE will give you some more background.


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            Kodebuster Level 3

            When trying to edit DVD files (.VOB format), directly loaded into PE7, presented quite a few issues for me.


            What I would suggest is to follow what is outlined below for success:


            First review this link at Muvipix and follow the directions there for combining DVD VOB files into one file. This will eliminate problems with out-of-sync issues between audio and video.




            Then take this combined VOB file and use Prism to convert the VOB file to DV-AVI.


            Prism can be found here (and it's free):




            Then import the DV-AVI into PE7, edit, and Burn.


            This should also work for PE8.


            Again, VOB's directly to PE will cause many strange problems, my recommendation is convert to DV-AVI first...