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    PPCS4.1/4.2 / Adobe Clip Notes - QuickTime All Screwed Up

    muzicman82 Level 1

      Ok, so I am trying to create an Adobe Clip Notes for a client to review. I've done this with CS3 in the past just fine.


      My project is a P2 DVCPROHD 720p project, and when I export, I choose Adobe Clip Notes, and the "NTSC Widescreen Source to 1024kbps" preset. All I changed was setting the video option to "Stream", set the URL, and entered my e-mail address.


      The preset shows that the video should be 854x480 pixels, but the rendered file is an 1139x480 pixel video. The image looks right but there are just giant black bars on the left and right of my video, not to mention the encoding looks like crap due to the wasted encoding space.


      Mathmatically, this seems like a pixel aspect issue, where it is multiplying 854pixels by a 1.333 aspect... but there are no options for this in the Export settings.


      I've tried changing the resolution and it seems that the numbers always keep the aspect even if the "link" button is off.





      Any why the heck can't I use my Flash Media Server with Adobe Clip Notes? Doesn't it make more sense for Adobe to implement it's own product first?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          I just tested this with DVCPROHD 720p in CS4.2, and it worked as expected with both embedded and streamed QuickTime. I tried to break it as many was as I could think of (i.e. changing export dimensions, using crop, etc.), and nothing seemed to phase the export--it resulted in an 854x480 QT MOV that fit perfectly into the player each time. The only possible thing I can think of is that maybe you're not working in a DVCPROHD sequence preset, but instead are using some custom preset--for example, with square pixels. That's a stretch, but that's all I can think of at the moment. You're not using any hardware addons, like a Matrox card, perchance?


          Re: Flash: I imagine we'll see this in the future. The only reason I can imagine that it might present is a problem is the seeking issues; the codecs that Flash uses for video are long GOP codecs (On2 VP6 and H.264) and the relative scarcity of independently-encoded frames would make an application like ClipNotes a bit unworkable. That's my guess...

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            muzicman82 Level 1

            Nope, just an Adobe made P2 DVCPRO HD 720p preset. The pixel aspect is 1.333.


            I did get a 4x3 aspect once, and I had to leave the video set to embedded for that to work. Then I duplicated the export in AME, and changed only the video to stream and set a URL, and it was back to the crazy black bars on the sides. Trouble with the embedded is that I can't view the properties of the video.


            I even created a NEW Adobe sequence and put only a graphic in it and it did the same thing. I then created a custom sequence that used square pixels and it did the same thing.


            I gave up. I'm just going to have to forego Clip Notes and submit this to my Flash Media Server. I've spent too much time trying to figure this out when it should work out of the box. There seems to me more broke by moving the exporting to the new Adobe Media Encoder than keeping it in Premiere as with CS3.


            Maybe I'll fiddle with it later, but for now I am on a deadline.

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              But it does work out of the box, that's my point. I've used it many times in the past, and again just now as a test, and it worked perfectly. Short of a borked installation of Premiere or AME, I can't think of a reason why it would not be giving you the correct results.


              This is an aside, and doesn't have anything to do with the matter at hand (I think), but I will say that I've had not-so-great results when duplicating a ClipNotes render instance in AME. Something always seems to go wrong in that case, and I've had much better luck resubmitting the export from Premiere itself. Again, that doesn't address your immediate problem, but could be a later source of frustration if things do get worked out.


              I respect having to do what you've got to do to get the job done, but if you find the time later, post back and I'd like to help you solve the problem.

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                muzicman82 Level 1

                Thanks for the help.


                I have three systems with Adobe CS4 Master Collection on them. I'll try the others when I get a chance. One of them (not the one in question currently) has a Matrox RT.X2 in it.. and this is a not a project even touched by that system.


                I'll report back soon.