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    text animation


      I have 2 texts animation on a slide. how do I ?

           When the first text animation finish => Slide stop ultil I click mouse or enter a key => the second text animation start.

      Please help me.

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          mvlele Level 3



          You can use a click box to appear between these two text animations.


          - So insert text animation - 1 and let it play for the required duration.

          - Then add a click box and let it pause th movie just after text animation - 1 finishes.

          - You can make your click box to appear on entire slide. Thus user can click anywhere to move ahead.

          - Now as insert text animation - 2 after the click box timing.


          Thus, once text animation-1 finishes, movie will pause and user will have to click on the slide to move ahead. Once user clicks, text animation-2 will start playing.


          Hope this solves your problem.