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    DataGrid: itemEditBeginning fires when it should not


      hi all,


      I spent some time workarounding an issue with DataGrid with vertical scroll bar.

      when you click on the scroll bar, the itemEditBeginning (aka DataGridEvent.ITEM_EDIT_BEGINNING) event fires.


      If you want to deal wth this event in "standard" cases (well, if you want to deal with DataGridEvent.ITEM_FOCUS_OUT event too, since it will fire just after), the unexpected event makes your GUI behave very strangely


      The workaround I wrote is simply avoid event propagation when event's data is null.


      It can be something like (just plug this function on itemEditBeginning event, of course)


                  private function onItemEditBeginning(e : DataGridEvent) : void
                      var ir : Object = e.itemRenderer;
                      var d  : Object = (ir == null) ? null : ir.data;
                      if (d == null) {


      This appears with either player or player (application compiled with Flex Builder 3)


      Is this behaviour ok (i.e. it's a feature ) or is it a bug ?

      if so, is it known ? fixed ? etc...


      thanks in advance