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    An Internal Error Occured




      I am working on a graphic using Fireworks.  I am getting the following error messages 'An internal Error occured'  and 'Could not complete your request. An error occured'.


      Has anyone come across these before and does anyone know what is causing these errors?  I have reported these as a bug, but recieved no reply and need to move on.





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          zeroskillz Level 3

          Fireworks is the tool the loves to try and make me hate it.


          I often get errors, like that, and the more frequent 'out of memory'.

          I usually restart fireworks to fix the 'internal error', and sometimes clearing out the history panel solves the memory, but usually it requires a restart.


          If you try that and still have the problem, post more details and an example file if you can...





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            Michel Bozgounov

            Yes, unfortunately this happens from time to time. More likely with Fw CS4...


            Sometimes these errors don't lead to any consequences. Restart Fw and they're gone.


            I hope that the next major version of Fireworks will be much more stable! (Unfortunately, version CS4 had to ship with quite a lot of stuff un-fixed...)