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    FlashBuilder beta 2 hangs on licensing

    Jochem van Dieten Level 4

      When I start FlashBuilder beta 2 on WinXP Sp3 I see the following symptoms:

      - UI displays;

      - about 2 seconds later the license key dialogue displays asking for a key or a trial;

      - immediately afterwards the CF builder start page shows in the main FB window and the main FB window receives focus.

      - the CPU usage returns to 0;

      - when I click anywhere in the main window it won't work;

      - when I switch focus to the license key dialogue the CPU jumps to 100% and the UI becomes unresponsive and after 5 minutes the application exists.


      I have tried:

      - start FB with the -clean switch;

      - to rerun the mini setup for the shared libraries (setup.exe from the install.support\builder-common-mul-win folder);

      - run the license recovery tool (licenserecover.exe from install.support\LicenseRecovery);

      - restart the FlexNet service;

      - restart the OS;

      - remove and install FB.


      I have attached the following documents in a .zip file:

      - alm.log

      - amt.log

      - stacktrace.txt

      - swtag.log


      stacktrace.txt is a jstack trace of the FB application while it is in an unresponsive state eating the CPU. It shows FB working on com.adobe.flexide.amt.AMTLib.AMTObtainProductLicense(Native Method) and is stable (i.e. when I do multiple stack traces the results are always the same).

      Other applications, both FC beta and registered versions of Acrobat Pro, Flash Pro etc. function correctly.