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    Graphiccard - which one should i choose




      first of all: my english ist not very good and thats why i got problems to find the right place, where i can post my problem. if this forum is the wrong one, please put my topic in the right one or tell me, where i can drop it.


      here is the reason why i choose the illustrator forum:


      in the next few days i will buy a new laptop. i got already one. its a dell precision M90 and its like my mainlaptop. the new one will be a 13" vostro from dell.

      here is my question:


      i will use the 13" laptop in university for writting emails, internet, open office and this adobe-programms: photoshop, indesign, acrobat an ILLUSTRATOR.

      illustrator is the one which needs higher components as the other programms, right? so illustrator is like a benchmark for my problem:


      now i have to make a decision. which graphic-card should i take?


      this is the normal one. its already inclusive:

      Integrierte GMA X4500 HD-Grafik RED


      and this is the one which dell advises to me (for my needs):

      256-MB NVIDIA® GeForce™ 9300M GS-Grafikkarte RED


      as i said, the 13" is not my mainworkingstation, so ist doesn't need very good components. i would like to open my adobedocuments - not more.


      is the first graphiccard good enough to open/show me my documents?


      again: sorry for my english, i hope you can understand me!;)


      wish you a nice day,


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          illustrator is the one which needs higher components as the other programms, right?


          No, Photoshop is, assuming you are speaking of CS4 and are concerned about hardware accelerated features like the soft zoom or 3D features in PS Extended. Those only work with NVidia or ATI cards. If you can live without those features, it doesn't matter which system you get. The only critical factor then becomes RAM - the more, the better. One word of warning on the way: Make sure, your laptop supports the minimum system requirements in terms of screen resolution. If not, you may not even be able to install the software let alone use it.



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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

            Well that is all fine and dandy but I would say the wise choice in this case is to spend the money and get the recommended card as it has the support and features that you might need in the very near future as you upgrade your software and system. You do not sound like you can afford to be left behind so don't be.


            You want support for open GL and CUDA.

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              Murderdock Level 1

              Thank you both for your quick answer!


              @Mylenium: its good to know, that the integrated card hypothetically got the power.




              @Wade: im afraid you´re right. i think so too. i thought: hmm, i´ve got my big laptop so the little one doesn´t need it. but im quite sure that i´ll be sad in the future without it.


              good night,