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    Include PowerPoint presentations in Flex applications?

    rexdtripod Level 1

      Was wondering about options out there for including PowerPoint presentations in Flex applications.


      Looking for something to convert PPT's to Flash, maintian transitions, produce one composite swf file (not individual slides), and provide a Flex API giving me programmatic hooks into the resultant swf's.


      Does Adobe have a solution to this?


      A company called ISpring makes such a product but it's pretty pricy and the support seems a little lacking.  I've used the trial version of their SDK to do a conversion but when I bring the resultant swf into my Flex app I get a strange error.  Posted to their forum but got no answer.


      From what I understand, Adobe Presenter produces multiple swf's, doesn't properly create all transitions, has no Flex hooks, and can't automate the process of conversion from PPT to Flash (has to be done by hand through PowerPoint).


      If I'm incorrect here, give me the word.