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    Premiere on iMac

    Mickey Kosolapiy

      Hi all!

      I'm thinking about starting work with Adobe Premiere at home and I need workstation for this work.

      I looking on new iMac:

      • 2.66GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
      • 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB
      • 1TB Serial ATA Drive
      • ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB
      • 8x double-layer SuperDrive

      But there one problem - on system requirements:

      • Dedicated 7200 RPM hard drive for DV and HDV editing; striped disk array storage (RAID 0) for HD; SCSI disk subsystem preferred

      Can I use for this firewire storage, or may be USB HDD drive?

      I am complete dummy in hardware. 100% pure.

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          Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3



          Our office has two PC guys and three Mac guys. The owner and I favor the PC. The owner came very close to purchasing one of the new iMacs a week ago. Our formost Mac expert recommended that he not do that. The single internal hard drive is not acceptable for video editing. If you have the money and are dead set on getting a Mac, I would recommend one of the high-end Mac Pro's.


          *I have just build 2 high end PCs for less than the cost of one comparable Mac Pro.

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            Mickey Kosolapiy Level 1

            Thank you!

            I have enough money iMac, but not for Mac Pro.

            Any more opinions? 

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              To put it bluntly:


              Get a good PC for less than $ 2K or get a good MAC for $ 12+ K. What do you choose? Or do you have money to burn?

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You may NOT use a USB hard drive for editing, only for offline storage (copies, not edit files)

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                  Mickey Kosolapiy Level 1

                  Why MAC will be so expensive? 12K? What hardware I need for normal work in premiere? OK, 2 HDD or more, but what else makes MAC so expensive? and PC so cheap?

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    The proprietary architecture.

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                      Mickey Kosolapiy Level 1

                      Hey, come on, what kind of architecture? As I know, Mac have the same Intel architecture, than 73% of PC's. 26 have AMD and 1% VIA. I'm  not asking what you thinking about MAC, but I can't calculate PC with 2 quad core CPU and more than one PCIx16 slots cheaper than 5K USD. But mac I can.

                      John T Smith

                      You want to say, that I can use only one HDD for all editing and system, and external drive for backups? Is it right?

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        Do not believe my word. Charles just built two systems as he stated for less than the cost of a single iMAC that will leave the iMAC way behind in the dust in terms of performance. Just look at benchmarks, MAC's are nowhere to be seen.


                        MAC's are like hookers: They look sexy and they are expensive!Big smiley.jpg

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                          Mickey Kosolapiy Level 1

                          Yeah, may be so. But iMac is great solution for me, because it is all in one,  my flat is not so big. Thats why I want it. Price of this one is OK.

                          But how about problem with second HDD? Can I normally work with single one?

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                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                            Three SATA disks are considered minimum. Anything less will severly hamper your editing experience. What a waste of money to get such an underpowered machine with one or two disks for such a premium price.

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                              McHughs Level 1

                              One big problem with people doing price point options is that MAC's don't offer the variety that you can get in a PC. Mac's are not about variety, PC's are to good at this and they couldn't keep up unless they started offering the Mac OS to other manufacturers. Remember because of the lack of variety Mac's must over engineer some machines (IE the MAC Pro) to meet the need of both the entry level  Performance and the top end High market. They also sell less volume so their prices are higher on that point as well. They tend to gain on stability and leverage on the base code of Unix which is more so a performance operating system then a variety operating system like windows. This makes for a very tight and secure operating system.


                              Mac's have also gone the route of catering to it's "niche" of creative people since the begining. PC's are more about the Business model then the people.


                              If your shopping price performance point you may find a Mac Pro combination but more then likely you will find it in the PC world. Mac's are good at what they do and so are PC's. It depends on what you are looking for and how you or your supplier build them.

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                                Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                                Thanks for posting this Bill. I mentioned earlier in this thread that the owner of the company I work for, came very close to purchasing one of the new iMacs. One of the new Mac guys convinced him that the iMac was the way to go. That morning when I walked into our office, he was on the phone with Apple negotiating one of the purchase details. Apple's final proposal was unacceptable to him, so he didn't process the order. It was some issue related to a high interest rate.


                                There is a saying:

                                "If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough people begin to believe it".

                                The lie is, that ANY computer system, platform, operating system, hardware or software will be trouble/problem free.


                                The three Mac guys at work take nearly every opportunity to tell us PC guys that the Mac/Final Cut is superior. We constantly hear:

                                "Final Cut is way better than Premiere."  "Macs seldom if ever crash."  "Macs let you focus on the creative rather than the hardware and software." "The Final Cut suite on a Mac is much easier to use and has better features."  Nearly every serious professional creative person in video production uses a Mac Pro with Final Cut, there must be a reason."


                                Before we put our 2 new Intel i7 PCs to work, the Mac guys were using CS4 on an underpowered PC. The system had 2GB of Ram and a small 74GB Raptor system "C" drive that they seldom, if ever checked. They would complain about crashing. When I checked the system, I found that the system "C" drive had only a couple of hundred megabytes of space left. When they work on CS4 projects they would often start working on a project before the media is loaded and peak files generated. They would load Premiere projects down with huge amounts of different media types like QuickTime and Pict stills from their MacBook laptops. They would attempt to use advanced features in Premiere like "Dynamic Link" Multi-Cam and nested sequences. When Premiere would slow to a crawl and sometimes crash, they would blame Premiere. Next we would often suffer through a Mac info-mercial related to the magnificence of Final Cut Pro. There didn't seem to be any awareness on their part of the fact that they were on a system with 2GB less Ram than Adobe recommends as a bare minimum and a hard drive that was filled beyond the margin of safety.


                                I try to be objective. For instance, I like the Mac Pro's and many of Apple's products. I would love to have an iPhone and the inside of a Mac Pro's case are like a work of art. A dual Xeon model would be an excellent choice under certain circumstances where the extra GB of memory are necessary and the funds are available.


                                On the other hand, off the top of my head, I can think of 5 industry standard software applications offered by Adobe: Illustrator, PhotoShop, After Effects, Flash and Dreamweaver. The Premiere creative suite could dominate professional video production as the other 5, I mentioned dominate in their particular field. As a professional video editor, software stability is at the top of our list of desired "features". Hopefully Windows 7's (64 bit) superiority to XP and Vista will help make future Adobe software releases more stable. Of course, using Premiere CS4 on a modern system with 6GB+ of Ram and an i7 920 processor greatly contributes to system stability.  I'm looking forward to demonstrating the upcoming Adobe/Nvidia "Mercury" GPU acceleration product to the Mac guys when it becomes available.

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                                  McHughs Level 1

                                  It's more often the not the people and not the computer.


                                  Thanks for the post.

                                  Now I completely understand where you are coming from. Would be nice if we all took our heads out of the ground every once and while. It's kind of like the original Mac PC TV commercials. I used to like them because they actually never maligned the PC Guy.  Today it's a different story. Wish they would go back to hitting the PC and not the poor PC Guy who exclaims "go to another Commercial". Garbage like that just enflames the wars and continues the elite culture of either of the two camps. We all loose again. Wake up smell the coffee Apple you had it right but broke the code (punny) again!


                                  I hate the Windows 7 I made it commercials. OMG, what a bunch of ego. The people exclaiming they made it and they flash back to what appears to be a completely different person... Windows 7 was Vista and if  Microsoft was listening to it's people they would have made Windows 7 to begin with! Hate prerelease software and operating systems.


                                  The last thing I ever want to be in this world is a PC or a MAC. I'd end up dead and obsolete all to often or perhaps a stroke victim who has to speak out the left side of his face while the other half slides off my skull from the lack of control of the muscle tissue.


                                  Perhaps we should do a commercial of our own... PC and MAC sitting in wheel chairs, both having massive coronaries as some nurse hits them with a Resuscitation machine labeled "Reset/Force Quit" (PS Force quit is the unix KILL PID -9 command, where 9 represents a non-ignorable kill as in a howitzer, Die, Die!)


                                  Liked your post. True story.

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                                    Mickey Kosolapiy Level 1

                                    Question wasn't about what is better for this: mac or PC. Question was about hardware, about correct working with this. So, I'm ordered iMac, fireware HDD and I'm waiting for it. This one will come with 2 year warranty and even if it will be broken, or something else, I think situation will be similar as was with macbook pro, where was faulty graphic card, when apple extended warranty for those books to 3 years for free. So, thanks to all!

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                                      McHughs Level 1

                                      Make sure the Firewire drive is 800 and not 400. To bad the iMac doesn't have eSata. Would possibly be a better performance option. Then you could (if you really wanted) go Harms performance way with multiple Raptor drives and have a Imac do more then what it will already do for you.


                                      There is still a lot of controversy on the benifit's of Sata over FireWire performance question. I'd like to see the test runs on a Mac that could run both.


                                      Harm remember when the Raptors where only Sata I back in 2006?

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                                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                                        Yes, I remember those days, although at that moment I did not have Raptors, so I have never experienced their performance.


                                        As a rough rule of thumb (PC based, but I think for MAC's it will be about equal) count on the following transfer rates with different interfaces:


                                        SCSI :     120 MB/s+ (the latest Cheetahs can get a high as 170)

                                        SATA:     80 - 100 MB/s, depending on fill rate (when nearly full expect around 50-60 MB/s)

                                        FW800:   50 - 60 MB/s

                                        FW400:   25 - 35 MB/s

                                        USB2:     20 - 25 MB/s, depending on the number of USB devices connected


                                        I assume, but have no practical experience to support it, that fill rates on FW and USB have a similar negative impact on performance, albeit not as significant as with SATA.

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                                          McHughs Level 1

                                          I would assume that the Fill rate is more of a past the bus problem, a mechanical and # of platters factor of your drive then a bus saturation issue. So assuming this and the fact that FireWire would more then likely be combined with a Sata drive  in the enclosure  (You never see internal Firewire drives for sale) you would not see any significant change in the fill rate degradation because the bus doesn't perform beyond the fill rate of the drive according to your numbers.

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                                            Julian O Level 1

                                            I've been on Macs for all of my professional life as a designer in both graphic and product (20+yrs). Just getting into video. Would rather stay with apple just because of all of the software and computers I already have. If going to a PC primarily video is the way to go, then that's what I'll do. That said, the condescension and prejudice you in particular show towards Apple is tacky. A computer is a computer no matter what the brand is. Thanks to everyone that gives out constructive advise without underlined biases.

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                                              Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                                              Well... Dang If you like Mac, by all means buy a Mac.  Some people prefer OS10.  I personally find it extremely annoying. My personal opinion is, Apple has given up on professional video editing.  It cost too much to keep up with Adobe and they do better routing their resources to the iPod, iPhone, iMac and the iPad.

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                                                Julian O Level 1

                                                Did you not read my comment? It's not Mac vs PC. It's simply what is the best computer for me at this point. Funny how PC people always want to make it a battle between two companies the hold no stock.


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                                                  Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                                                  Sorry to give you a hard time.  I used to get the business from Mac editors all the time... "If you really want to advance as an editor, you need to learn Final Cut."  2012 - I honestly feel that Premiere 6 on a PC is a better product over all.  I just like to rub it in.

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                                                    Julian O Level 1

                                                    Not a problem. I don't know if I said it in my initial query but I already have Premiere Pro. Of all of the reviews I saw when I was looking for software, Premiere was the best for the price. Thanks for the response and the help. I am going to look into a PC and hopefully have adobe swap out the license. Do you have any suggestions on a laptop ( I really need the mobility if at all possible)? Thanks again.


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                                                      Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                                                      If you really want a properly outfitted laptop then go to one of the forum regulars web site or just give Eric a call at 859-635-5762 and after asking you a few questions on what you do with Premiere and what media you handle Eric at ADK can suggest and deliver some appropriate hardware with great support.


                                                      If you want to see the results of our Premiere Pro BenchMark testing of PC's look at our PPBM5 web site and select the Computer Type tab and then select Laptops and you can see how good  (or bad) some laptops rank in performance.

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                                                        Julian O Level 1

                                                        Thanks Bill. Your help is greatly appreciated.