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    AI – CS4 Help please

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      AI – CS4 Help please


      I am helping out a user on another Adobe forum. I am transitioning from Corel myself so atleast two people will learn from this.


      - Started with a horrible bitmap logo.

      - I opened it in AI, created a working layer and created vector tracings with little problem…until…I got to an upper case letter G with a fancy loop ala font English ScriptEF, but I have to trace it to be exactly like the beginning letter.

      - I outlined the letter and filled with black but then had to create the “open loop” and filled it with white to give the effect. The “loop” is sitting on top of the black letter.

      - Then I want to create a transparent gif. I go through the steps and all is transparent EXCEPT the loop.

      - Is there something in the process I need to do to make the “loop” transparent? I understand I have opaque on opaque so I guess I just need to learn how to cut the hole in the black filled letter to the same size and shape of my”loop.”

      - I hope I was clear in my request.


      Thanks in advance for any direction.