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    Too Many Activations Error


      I have ADE version installed on my home laptop and my work desktop.  My work computer every so often would ask me to authorize my account even though it said it would only have to be done once.  My home laptop has never done this.  After reauthorizing several times now I get the Too Many Activations error message.  My workplace has done many server upgrades recently, could this have something to do with ADE needing to reauthorize?


      I have searched the forums and found this problem numerous times but no solutions other than support resetting the count.  I have two Case #'s set up, one from the support chat box and the other from the 800-642-3623 support line.  Case #181284361 and #181284478.  But after reading the other posts it seems these case #'s are often closed without resolution.  Any suggestions before I give up and use a different system?

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          The one problems with activations that we have been able to track down, is that Windows will return the user name in different cases depending upon the current Domain.  This tends to express itself notably with people using notebooks switching between work and home.  I took a quick look at the case numbers and they seem to be progressing correctly, so I'm not going to overstep support, yet.  If you don't have a activation reset by end of day tomorrow, send me a private message, and I'll fix it for you.

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            wellsnlisa85 Level 1

            Got an email from Adobe saying my activations had been reset and so I reactivated last week.  This morning went to download a book and it asked me to reactivate again.  I'm assuming that if it does this again I am back to square one with too many activations?


            I may just have to live with the fact that anything I check out from home I will not be able to read at work and visa versa.  (I download books from my local library.)


            Thanks for your assistance

            Lisa Eckhardt

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              Hi, can anyone help I too am experiencing a activation error!  I have purchased some books for my Sony PRS-300 and as yet have not been able to load any of them onto my reader.


              I have authorised my computer using the Adobe ID but cannot authorise my reader. When I try it comes up with the message Maximum number of activation exceeded (-470).  I am so frustrated!!


              Please help.  I have left a support message but as yet no reply.

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                Dynamite1140 Level 1

                Hi if Jim Lester is reading this could you please help me, I have read all the forums and it seems like you are the man to help a true legend apparently.

                Please please help xx