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    Does removePopUp method remove the object from the display list?

    gtbus Level 1

      I am creating an AIR application that uses several pop-ups, and I want to recuperate as much memory as possible from closed popups with each Garbage Collection.  Reading through forums / blogs / documentation I see object instances created by pop-ups stay in memory (not GC'd) until:

      - all references to the object are = null (nulled)

      - all event listeners on the object are removed (or are weakly referenced)

      - the object is removed from the display list.


      My question is:




      remove the object from the display list?


      I am using PopUpManager.createPopUp() to instantiate an mx:TitleWindow display object container.

      The remove function closes the pop-up, however, I am unsure if it is "removed from the display list" completely.


      A straightforward answer is best, anything that moves me in the direction to answer the question is great. (Also helpful: how can I view the objects in the display list at a certain point during the application's execution?)


      Thanks to all!