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    Adobe reader won't recognise pdf file when downloaded

    Wadyaro Level 1

      Hi all

      Hope I'm in the right forum, if not would be grateful for correct re-direction ...


      I have a web site written in DWcs4 with a link to a PHP page offering a pdf document for download.

      The PHP code includes the "content-disposition: attachment " header in order to prompt the "view or save as" download box.

      When the link in the web page is accessed the pop up box asking to view or save the file works fine  (as desired) however when trying to view the pdf file,

      acrobat reader opens automatically but gives a message similar to the following :

      my_pdf(1).pdf is not an permitted file type or is damaged (for example sent as an email attachment and not correctly coded)


      Firstly I dont understand why the file reference has a (1) added to it (the source file is simply my_pdf.pdf)

      secondly I dont understand why the file is not recognised since I created it myself in Adobe 8.0 converted from a word doc.


      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.