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    Exported videos wrong size/ratio?

    Dario D. Level 1

      Anyone know why my exported videos keep coming out in almost 4:3 aspect ratio, wheras the Project is clearly widescreen?


      I'm exporting via these settings:

      Format: Microsoft AVI

      Preset: NTSC DV Widescreen


      I also tried PAL DV Widescreen, which came out even more square. Here's a diagram of what I'm getting:



      It's confusing, because in the Export Settings panel, the "Output" window shows that I'm going to get the correct size with each format, but they never come out in the same shape. Notice:



      Any ideas? (by the way, the editing mode for this timeline is HDV 720p. Could it be that 720p just stretches a non-widescreen image?)

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, you should be Exporting in either NTSC, or PAL, depending on which you are using. You want to keep that setting to match where you are located and the system in use there.


          Now, you are Exporting to DV (let's use NTSC here), with is going to be 1.2 (corrected to what, 1.227?) PAR for 16:9. My guess is that your footage is PAR = 1.0 (Square Pixels). That could be your issue.


          Good luck,