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    Fireworks is arbitrarily flattening images when round-tripping

    Marcus X Surrealius

      Here's the problem using Fireworks CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3. Have multiple people editing the images over a network. Sometimes you open a Fireworks PNG file from Dreamweaver and then click done. It's saves it as an editable image file some times, and as a flattened image file other times, no rhyme or reason to it just does it. (but not always) Any ideas? Anything I have overlooked?


      This is slowing down our progress with the project CONSIDERABLY.

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          If the editable PNG file is being opened via DW and then SAVED AS or EXPORTED as a standard PNG while in Fireworks, you'll flatten the file. Make sure to click DONE within the FW workspace when the editing in complete, rather than saving the file.  I've heard of this happening accidentally when both the flat file and the layered file have the same file names. Sometimes a user will open the flat file, then unintentionally save the flat version to the location where the original, layered file resides.  Does this help?