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    Premiere Pro CS3 now exits after loading

      After using premiere pro cs3 for quite a while, all of a sudden it exits after loading. I'm not sure if this is an Adobe problem or a Norton problem or a machine problem. It happened after a power failure, and while I was running premiere at the time, my power backup let me close the file and shut down premiere before it too died.

      The computer is working fine with all other programs, including Encore & Photoshop. I just can't run Premiere. The other strange thing is that I can no longer access the Adobe site from that computer. The site starts to load then hangs forever.

      I tried re-installing Premiere, no-luck. Then I downloaded the last update to CS3 (on another machine because the Premiere machine won't connect to the site) and tried to install it. No dice. The install hangs forever with "installing" on the screen.

      I thought maybe there was an "installer" or "updater" problem, but can't figure it out.

      Anybody have any suggestions?


      Brad Tyrrell
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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          There is a good chance that your PrPro Preferences file is now corrupt. A reinstall, or update, will not overwrite this file. The next course of action would be to rename, or move, that file, so that PrPro cannot find it. PrPro will then create a new one. Note: you will have to redo your Edit>Preference settings.


          The exact location of that file (and its exact name) will differ on your OS and where you installed PrPro, plus the exact version that you are running. Here is an example for the location/name of mine in PrPro 2.0 on XP w/ my installation location:


          C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Adobe\Premiere Pro\2.0\Adobe Premiere Pro Prefs.


          Hope that this helps,



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            bradtyrrell@earthlink.net Level 1



            Thanks for the reply.   I'll try that too.


            A suggestion I got over at the DV board was to create a new admin account in XP and try opening premiere under that.   That worked!   Unfortunately, since I created my projects under the old admin file, I don't have access to them under the new one.   I'm copying files to a different folder at this point, but I know Premiere doesn't like that.


            If deleting the preference file works, it'd be a lot simpler.







            By-the-way,  how did you get your screen name to not be your email address?   I can't seem to do it.   I went into my account and changed things, but the forum seems to insist that my screen name is my ID which seems to have to be my email address.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              Although a new user account may be a temprary fix, it does not solve the underlying issue. Something is wrong with your installation and creating the new user account only takes up space on you disk, makes the registry more bloated and reduces performance.


              Since you have used beta software before, I suggest you first turn of Norton, deactivate, uninstall everything Adobe, remove the new user account, clean up your registry, defrag your disk and then run Clean Script CS3 several times (2x or 3x), clean up the registry again, defrag again, and then install and activate again and run the updates. Then restart Norton.


              This will not harm your current projects or media.