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    Not able to install the CS4 demoversion


      I have downloaded the demoversion of CS4 Fireworks as I have heard a lot about it and want to try it out.


      But I am unable to install it and I am really wondering why! It seems to me that Adobe has put such draconian protection systems in place that their product is not possible to install anymore. What is the point of selling software when it is not possible to use it?


      I already have CS2 on my PC. It stays there and can not be removed. It is necessary for my daily work.


      The PC is as clean as it can be, fairly recently installed and only used for serious work. No games, no kids to play with it.


      I have done a bit of searches around the internet and it seems this is a big problem with CS4.


      I am on Windows XP, SP2 and SP3 (have tried a couple of PC's.


      The installer stops half way and asks med to insert the disc in the C: drive.


      Of course, as this is a downloaded package, there is no disc to insert. And certainly not as C: !


      Do anyone have a REAL solution to this? If this program works and solves my needs, I will buy it immediately!