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    Pagemaker 7.0 color palette & toolbar not movable?


      Pagemaker 7.0 (running under XP Pro SP3) suddenly has the color palette and toolbar NOT moveable.  When you place the cursor at the top of the color palette, it changes into a diagonal double arrow (that you normally use to resize a window), so you can't grab and move the palette.  You can resize it on the left & right edges of the palette, and also at the lower right corner.  You can hide/unhide the palette with the <ctrl>J as usual.


      Also, the toolbar is also NOT moveable.  The cursor doesn't change, you just can't budge it.


      We went and uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled it 3 times...same thing.


      Adobe Acrobat 9 was installed two weeks ago, and everything was working fine until this morning (Nov. 16, 2009).


      So, we would appreciate any ideas on what could cause this to happen and how to fix it!

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