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    Still photos disappear from video


      I am just learning Premiere Elements for a newspaper where I work and designed a 4-minute video in which I dropped into the Timeline in 2 different place a series of four still photos. When I re-opened the file this morning, all the photos were missing from the timeline (the rest of the video was fine). In adding the photos through the 'Get Media' tab should the program not have added them for good or are the photos as they show in the Premiere Elements Project pointing to files on my desktop? In that case, perhaps I moved the original photo file folder? Does that original folder need to remain in one place for the life of the project? I may have uploaded the stills from a file in my paper's Staging area that is purged the following day.


      Thanks for any insights. I have since re-imported the photos adn re-done the timeline which was a hassle.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Ensure that those photos are truly on your computer's hard drive.


          If you add them to a project from a camera or from an external hard drive that you later disconnect, there will be no link to them and they will disappear.

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            douglaseye Level 1

            Hmmm, that may well have been the case, come to think of it. Well done, Mr. Holmes!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Besides insuring that the images are located on your system, and linked properly, make sure that they are sized to your Project's Frame Size. As an example, if you have an SD Project, images no larger than 1000x750 should be used. With an HD Project, going much above 1920x1080 can cause issues.


              If you do need to resize these images before Import, this ARTICLE will give you some tips for automating the process in Photoshop.


              Good luck,



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                douglaseye Level 1

                Well, for what it is worth, here is the video I was referencing. Be kind:Part of the learning curve in this one -- in addition to adding still photos to a video for the first time -- was that my lovely new Canon G-11 articulated screen camera (a feature I love) does not come with an external mic. So there is a lot of 'live and learn' wind blowing across the camera mic in some shots. I may need to shoot with our larger video cam - which I was trying to avoid - and its wind-baffled mic or take out into ths field my trusty Zoom H-4 recorder and try and match audio to video:




                I expoerted this in NTSC Flash Video 8 700 k, thinking (as I am a Rendering Noob) that a file size higher than the 400 k version would somehow be more fabulous and crisper for upload to our newspaper Web site. Someone educate me. The rendering time was 1 hr and 35 min, so anything to cut that down would be welcome. A total of six still images were included and I suppose I have to learn more about exporting the proper Photoshop files into Premiere Elements


                My best,


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                  douglaseye Level 1

                  Oh, and thank you Hunt, for that resource link. Helpful!



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    I found that the FLV played fine on my cable-modem connection (via my wireless g to my laptop). Now, for faster Export, you might weigh the lower connection speeds vs the resulting quality. Personally, I err on the side of quality, until the Webmaster starts complaining that too many users are still on dial-up, but that's just me.


                    Now, I was listening on the laptop on the patio (not the most critical listening environment, or method), but found nothing objectionable. The overall Audio levels might be a bit low, but at least should not blow speakers, if users have the volume set to max - unlike some music videos. The lack of an external mic connection is a big drawback, even on some higher-end video cameras.


                    I also found the result quite good. My wife has the G-10, but has never used it as a video capture device - impressive in your use.


                    The subject and location were interesting, as well. It's been far too long since I hiked the New River and surrounding areas.


                    Thanks for sharing,




                    PS - did you solve the disappearing stills issue?

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Now I'mnot quite sure what you're asking, Douglas.


                      Is that link to a video you made? If yours is the video on that web page, it looks terrific!


                      If not -- I'm not sure what the link is for.


                      So what are you saying you're using for your source media? Is it video or stills? And if video, is the video coming from a still camera?


                      If you're working with stills, the best way to improve render time is to resize your photos to no larger than 1000x750 pixels. That will save the program a lot of wasted effort down-sampling your photos to video size.

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                        douglaseye Level 1

                        Thanks for the feedback, Hunt. I believe you were right about the disappearing stills. I had offloaded them from a 4GB card in a card reader and must just have disconnected the reader at some point. Had to re-upload the photos from their original folder on my desktop (I heed your advice about always keeping original files safe) and reinsert them into the timeline -- which actually gave me a chance to do tweak the editing a bit, which was welcome.


                        my best, Douglas

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                          douglaseye Level 1

                          Thanks, Steve. Yes, I realize now I can save some rendering time that way! This particular project is teaching me things right and left. Yes, that was a new occasional outdoors video show I am working on for my newspaper along with the staff photographers -- their interest in multimedia is finally piqued after we started with this project adding still photos to the video flow! Now, they see that video doesn't mean they are being asked to suddenly become videographers and put down their Nikons. | Douglas