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    Turning "RunConversionVisibly" on under WebLogic

    RobMcDougall Level 1

      I'm trying to debug a PDFG problem that is happening on a client site.  I would like to turn on the "RunConversionVisibly" flag.  I have instructions on how to do this in JBoss (using the jmxconsole app to change this MBean property on the PDFMaker service).  I have also managed to perform the same operation using the Java jconsole app under JBoss however I've been unable to utilize jconsole to turn this flag on under WebLogic.


      I'm able to connect jconsole to Weblogic however I don't see the adobe.com MBean.  Just like under JBos, I can see JMImplementation, java.lang and java.util.logging MBeans.  I can also see Security and com.bea MBeans, but no adobe,com MBean.


      The client is running LiveCycle 8.2.1 SP3,WebLogic 10.0, Windows 2003 64-bit, MS SQL Server 2005 SP1.


      How can I turn on "RunConversionVisibly" under WebLogic?