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    Internet Explorer Script Errors in HTML Help

    10570Fan Level 1

      I am using Robohelp 8 HTML. I create both WebHelp and Microsoft HTML Help. My operating system is Vista.


      The WebHelp file will be directly called from the application software to allow users to access topic specific help.


      The Microsoft HTML help is to be attached to my company's website to allow remote users to access our online help.


      I have created a project and generated WebHelp. Everything works as designed.


      However, when I change the output to Microsoft HTML Help, I get Internet Explorer Script Errors when I try to review the output.


      The compiler seems to find exception with two specific lines, specifically, AddMasterBreadcrumbs and again, highlightSearch.


      When I attempt to review the output, I can simply click No when queried if I want to continue running scripts on this page and display the HTML help. It works as it is designed. Naturally I would prefer my users won't have to click through a few error messages to get to the help.


      If I comment these two lines out in the topics, I don't receive these errors.


      Although my work-around will allow a user to open the project without seeing those Script Errors, I am concerned that it might be introducing errors that I haven't found yet.


      Does anyone else experienced this type of error in producing HTML Help?


      Does anyone know the reason this is happening and can they offer an actual solution (and not a workaround?)


      Thanks so much!