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    How to Stroke Pixels in Placed .psd File?

    gator soup Level 4

      Hi, I have a cutout logo .psd I Placed in CS3 iLL (the weave pattern in my attached picture is a separate .tiff file).


      I want to put a white Stroke around the pixel "S" letter in iLL (if it is possible).


      I select the logo object, but the Stroke Pallet (outside-center-inside) options are grayed out preventing me from stroking the logo.


      Is this possible in iLL?

      What am I missing?




      I would want to do the stroking in iLL for Vector on the offset press and to match the stroking I am applying to other fonts in the poster headlines.


      This is a wierd customer supplied pixelbased logo that I can't recreate and no time to draw a path around it.


      I don't know how to use iLL very well....