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    Artifacts in gif animation

    WTFO42 Level 1

      I'm experiencing an issue with artifacts in gif animation and I hope the collective brain trust in here can help.  I've attached the file so you can see what I'm talking about.  I've loaded the file into Dreamweaver to run as the header background and when I preview the page in IE the aircraft leave artifacts behind at every frame and the text looks torn as well.  When I preview the same page in Firefox it looks crisp.


      I created the aircraft and their contrails as four separate layers and linked them prior to starting the animation process.  The text is its own layer as well.  Thinking the linking might be an issue, I also flattened the airfraft layers into one and reaccomplished the animation but go the same result.


      I'm previewing the images in Firefox version 3.5.3 and IE 8.0.6001.  The animation itself is 60 frames long each with a duration of .01.  The file was "saved as web device" from Photoshop as a .gif 64 dithered (dithered 88%) and then inserted into the page I'm working on through Dreamweaver.


      Anyone out there have a suggestion as to how I can clean this image up and make it look as good on IE as it does on Firefox?

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          That's not an ideal use of an animated GIF. 600+ kb is too large to be useful on a web page.


          You might separate the jets from the background. Set the clouds and text as a JPG image in the background. Animate the jets in a GIF file to overlay the JPG file.


          Seeing that this is simply a motion from right to left, you could probably also do this with a transparent GIF or PNG file, moved with DHTML.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Marian said, less than ideal use of the file format. Too many colors, too many frames, too large areas that change (which is what makes IE act up). A Flash file would be much better. A ismple way for that would be to download the public Beta of Flash Catalyst from Adobe Labs. Import the PSD, animate the layers in FC, save a SWF. Solves pretty much all the problems without digging into fancy JavaScript/ DHTML workarounds.



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              WTFO42 Level 1

              Marian & Mylenium,

                  Thanks for the information.  I tried to just animate the aircraft and while the artifact issue was solved, the animation simply wasn't smooth enough for my liking.  I agree the SWF option is the way to go but due to IT restrictions, that software isn't readily available to the end users.  I use Preimere Pro too so creating the files would be a breeze but pointless to do so if the file won't launch.  I appreciate you both taking the time to not only answer the question but to explain why going the route I was going wasn't the best option.  Cheers!