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    AVI / M4V Editing & Exporting Problems


      Hey everyone, so I'm completely stumped here. I've ripped an educational dvd that I need to extract 2 clips from, which I can do in Premiere Pro but every time I try to export Media Encoder starts up and it's tries to load the project for about 4-5 minutes then gives me an error. "Could not read from source. Please check if it has been moved or deleted." I've read on the forums that this would require to delete an reinstall the suite if it's been on before, but that's just it, it hasn't. It was a fresh install of Production Suite on a brand new computer. My video was ripped as an AVI. My sequence settings are DV NTSC at 48K audio. I've tried exporting a 1 minute clip for testing purposes at H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2 and none of these work. I was wondering if it might be the source video being 1:32:23 long. I'm stumped and need this for a project so any help is welcomed.



      -Drew Jensen

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          There seems to be a new reason for this error.


          AME doesn't actually export the Premiere sequence.  It first makes a copy, and uses that to perform the actual export.  This allows you to keep working on the original while export happens in the background.  But here's the problem, Premiere can apparently corrupt the project file when it makes a copy for AME to use.  The file is right where AME thinks it should be, but because it's corrupt, it "can't read" the file, and you get the error.


          I haven't found a solution yet.