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    Stacked Column Chart Data Labels Not Appearing

    ice1000 Level 1

      I am using SetSytle in Actionscript to make the data labels in a stacked column chart appear inside but it's not working.


      A portion of the code I am using to create the chart is below:


                      //initialize column set for stacked columns
                      var colSet:ColumnSet = new ColumnSet();
                       for each(var node:XML in _chartDP){
                           var k:int = 0;
                           //skip zero datapoints
                           if (parseInt(node.toString()) != 0) {
                               //if measure node does not exist, add as series
                               k = uniqueYCat(node.attribute("BillTo"));
                               if (k == -1){                                                        
                                      // Create the new column series and set its properties.
                                      var localSeries:ColumnSeries = new ColumnSeries();
                                      localSeries.dataProvider = dataArray;
                                      localSeries.yField = node.attribute("BillTo");
                                      localSeries.xField = "ConfidenceStatus";
                                      localSeries.displayName = node.attribute("BillTo");
                                      localSeries.setStyle("showDataEffect", ChangeEffect);


                                      // Back up the current series on the chart.
                                      var currentSeries:Array = chart.series;
                                      // Add the new series to the current Array of series.
                                      //Add Array of series to columnset
                                         //assign columnset to chart
                                      chart.series = [colSet];



      After some more research, I put a breakpoint inside ColumnChart.as in the following function:


          mx_internal function getSeriesLabelPos(series:Series):void
              if(series is ColumnSeries)
                  var columnSeries:ColumnSeries = ColumnSeries(series);
                  var position:String = columnSeries.labelPos;
                  if(position == "inside" || position == "outside" || position == "none")
                      _needLabels = true;
              else if(series is ColumnSet)
                  var setSeries:Array /* of Series */ = ColumnSet(series).series;
                  for (var i:int = 0; i < setSeries.length; i++)


      the following line: var position:String = columnSeries.labelPos;

      returns postion as null. It looks like the setStyle is not passing the correct value to this function.


      Any ideas as to what is going on?