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    linking media


      Is there a way to save my project so that the media STAYS linked?......or what do I do to save the links when I have to do a complete

      clean reinstall of Windows XP. Which I am having to do over and over. Is there something in Adobe Bridge? I am almost done with a movie that

      has thousands of files that need to be relinked every time.


      I am running CS3 Creative Suite 3 Production Premium.


      Windows XP Professional

      Octacore Xeon

      nVidia 3700


      Any help here will be greatly greatly appreciated!



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Where did you get an octacore Xeon? They are not expected before the end of 2010 or early 2011.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            Is there a way to save my project so that the media STAYS linked?


            This happens by default.  If it isn't for you, then you have done something wrong, or there is a corruption in the project.

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              count_schemula Level 1

              In my (short) experience, if all of the media is in say, one folder, linking one asset in that folder will let Premiere find all the clips in that folder.


              I have a project with 15 folders with about 15 clips in each folder. It will ask me for a clip in each folder, but I only have to link to the 1 clip, it will find the other 14 in that same folder.


              If you have files all over the place in lots of folders... there won't be an easy way around it. Might be worth it to consolidate footage in fewer folders.

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                bev_stan Level 1

                I don't know if my question has been answered or not. I was hoping for something easier than what Count suggested.


                I already re-link by folder. That only leaves me with a small headache as opposed to a migraine. I have done it file by file.


                I have 284 folders/scenes with around 14 files each, 8 years of work spread out over a 2 terabytes of space. I didn't do all the video capture so

                I often have to use the XP Search Beagle to find things. It's an animation/live action full length movie.


                I did re-link everything folder by folder on Sunday.......then AP (although it said it was saving) choked on conforming files and crashed......saving nothing. So I do know not to put EVERYTHING into one folder. Back when I started the project Adobe Premiere went by drive letter. As long as you

                didn't juggle your hard drive letters it would re-link everything.


                I am getting faster at finding things.


                Not without a shudder. I shudder and was hoping for some quicker way.


                If I don't get a better answer, and I might not, I think I will go through the project and deliberately unlink and re-link things in a way that can be easier to find. But isn't there some metadata ( I really don't know what that word means but it sounds good) that Adobe Bridge can save out or something?


                Thank you so much for your suggestions though!!!! I really really appreciate it. It is calming to know that I can at least talk to folks with more

                experience than I have.


                Oh and Harm.....by the way. I have 2 Xeon Quads (5355) or something with a dual socket Tyan motherboard. So they aren't i7's.


                and this is my first time on this forum so I hope I am replying to everyone in this discussion.


                In any case......Thanks!!!!