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    User submitted creations and server technology


      Hello, I am sort of in a bind and looking for advice.  I was asked to create a holiday interactive card where you can drag around items and create your own gingerbread house.  That part is fine, but they want me to be able to have the users submit their unique creations to us.  I been researching this and most everyone says use PHP, which I do know a good amount of PHP.


      The problem is my works servers do not have PHP installed and will not install it (I have tried to get them to).  They won't install any server technology on their main server, they told me it was a security issue.  I am not sure about that excuse but I am off topic.  Back to my main problem, is there a way for a user to create their gingerbread house and submit it to us using maybe just actionscript and javascript?  If you have any solutions or pretty sure it is impossible with out the server technology let me know please.  Thank you!

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          zeroskillz Level 3

          By submit, I assume you mean upload? If not, a simple attach-jpg to email could be done.

          If upload, you need a server-side script to handle receiving the file. It does not have to be PHP...


          Also, you could host the submitted images off-site, so to speak. A different server, or perhaps the Flikr API could provide a solution. With a different server, use whatever script you like...




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            ArtDTool Level 1

            If we are able to have flash take a screenshot of their creations it would be an upload.  So they would be submitting their creations to us.  I was reading that passing unique threads through the bar to save the flash creation would be the best.... but being that we don't have anything installed on our servers that wouldn't allow us to do that.  When the user hits done, Flash would save it as an image. So the only thing I would think we could do is use a javascript that uploads the user submissions to a dedicated folder on our server.  If we want to use other server, using Flickr would probably be the best bet.  Then we could just retrieve the creations from there, but we would like to collect some information from the user like name and origin that way we can show it off.  For instance: (User Image) John Doe, from Denver, CO