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    Need to clean up garbage in a clip

    DickLTech Level 1

      I have a problem.  I have a clip, that can't be recreated, that has ends/tops of sets and/or a mic hanging in.  I need to clean it up.  I first thought I'd throw a solid in front and mask the part I want to change out.  Good idea... except, the camera moves and sometimes there's an actor merging the bad spot, also moving.  I racked my brain to no avail.  I'm somewhat new to AE and don't kmow all the tricks yet.  Is there some way I can take these bad spots out and replace them with copies of the wall (normal scene background) and not have to sequence the frames out and individually change each one in photoshop, then import the sequence back in???  Just need to know if it's possible (and how of course), I know I got a lot of work ahead here.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, you have a clone stamp in AE that certainly could take care of the matter just as well as the one in PS. That aside, you simply wouldn't do these things in the manner you describe. You would patch together a clean plate from still frames and cleanly cut out the talent, then re-integrate both. If the camera moves, you first need to track or matchmove it, which might be the bigger part of the exercise, as it either requires a lot of manual work, some clever 2D motion stabilization or in worst case, a 3D tracking program like SynthEyes, PFTrack or Boujou. In any case, painting is probably totally the wrong way to do it. It's gonna look iffy due to the painted spots probably looking notably different from frame to frame, depending how "noisy" you BG wall is. If you have no other option, at best patch the BG together using masks and multiple instances of the clips. It's still gonna be a lot of manual labor, though.



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            Andy Bay Level 2

            This should be possible to do. If you have cs4 I would start by checking out some Mocha for AE tutorials. There is one that is about a task similar to yours.

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              DickLTech Level 1

              I installed my copy of AE not to long ago.  I've been using AE CS4 for some time now.  With my new install, I opted for the 30 day Lynda.com education.  Is this where I'd find the tutorials you're talking

              about??  If not... where???



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                Andy Bay Level 2



                Took I while to find this tutorial, since it was not listed on the tutorials list in the imagineersystems webpage, but here you go:



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                  DickLTech Level 1

                  VERY GOOD!!!  Almost all that I need!!  Now all I gotta do is figure out how to include an actor, moving with the edge of the area I gotta clean out.  Is there a way to get a mask, green area, or something/anything along the headshot of an actor who is gliding along the area I gotta clean.  Or can I mask the whole frame except the bad spot and invert it??  I see how to do the tracking deal, but I've got another deal that's playing around with one of the edges.  Understand??



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                    Andy Bay Level 2

                    I understand what you mean.


                    I might approach it like this:


                    First track the footage in Mocha and attach the photoshopped correction layer like in the tutorial. Then insert a mask that is following the shape of the actor's head on the correction layer and animate that mask to hide the parts of the correction layer that the actor should block. If you find it hard to animate the mask shape correctly, then it might be easier if you tracked the actor in a separate track and attached a "track matte" layer to that track instead of a mask.


                    Or you could stabilize the head in Mocha and apply the mask to the stabilized version and the re-introduce the original camera move. Many ways to approach this!

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                      DickLTech Level 1

                      Thank you very much!!!  I have many things now to try out.  It should be better than what I started with.  A friend did it the way I first described and to rmove a boom in the shot, she said took her hours.


                      Thanks again!!