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    Common settings for DVD use, and for Flash

    HarryPutnam Level 1

      I've never really gotten a good idea what all the setting do when exporting... Though I have read over the discussion in the help file, and read quite a few messages on various forums about it, I use this stuff too seldom to remember in between so once again I'm a bit baffled.


      I want to generate the video and audio files that Encore DVD likes, and not have to transcribe when I generate the DVD  elements.


      It looks easy enough since adobe kindly gives an mpeg-DVD  setting, but from there on I'm a little confused.  Its 3:4 NTSC video so `NTSC (High Quality) seems right for that.


      Then dropping down to the video tab I see it has defaulted to `QUALITY: 4'.  Is that a good matche for dvd quality video?


      Further down:


      <b>  Bitrate Encoding </b> : VBR,1


      <b> Minimum Bitrate</b>: 1.5  (looks kind of low... but I don't really know what it does)


      <b> Target Bitrate</b>: 4


      <b> Maximum Bitrage:</b>




      I'm guessing these defaults are sensible but not really sure.


      It all adds up to an estimated filesize of  `2950 mb'  but I notice if I fiddle around with the settings, that number <b>DOESN"T" </b> change at all. Though I know for sure it should effect the file size.


      Next I'm curious about the audio.  The audio part is just people talking and playing with there young children so not  a major audio effort.  But still, it has defaulted to PCM (wave) , no compression at all.  Doesn't that mean it will be transcrbed again when I build the DVD?


      And finally, <b>`Multiplexer'</b>.   Its turned off.  but isn't that something that will happen when I run the file thru `Encore'?


      I wanted to ask about Flash settings too, but I think that may just derail any discussion about the setting above.