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    How do I make a PageMaker 6.5 file into a PDF?


      Please help - I am not a computer genius at all - need to make an pagemaker 6.5 publication into a pdf file and e-mail.  Any thoughts?  Must be simple for an old man!


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          BigJohnD Level 3

          You need a postscript printer driver and Adobe Acrobat Distiller.


          The PS print output from PM is sent to Distiller (a virtual printer that creates an electronic page) instead of small piece of furniture that consumes ink and paper.


          The files you need should be on the PM6.5 setup CD-ROM, by running the setup, everything should be correctly installed for you so that you can run the macro "Export… AdobePDF…" and PDF is created.


          There is some guidance here - http://bigjohnd.org.uk/PageMakerExportPDF/index.htm


          If you're running PM6.5 on WinXP, then there's no guarantees.



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