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    trying to create an input dialog box, that will halt execution

    eabowler Level 1

      I am trying to get a pop up dialog box to appear where the user will enter their name, after clicking OK or Cancel, i would like the code to continue executing.  For example when i use the Alert.show("1");Alert.show("2");Alert.show("3");  it appears as 3,2,1. Is it possible to fire one alter at a time AFTER the user has clicked Ok.


      Back to the originial question.


      I am setting up a Pop up menu

      var ret:String;

      var Dialog:SimpleTitleWindowExample =SimpleTitleWindowExample(PopUpManager.createPopUp( this, SimpleTitleWindowExample , true));

      ret = Dialog.Input      //where input is just a public text for example

      return ret;


      ^returns null.

      I was hoping it would wait until  it was closed to continue. I thought it would by setting the modal = true



      Essentially I'm asking is there a way to halt execution until the user inputs some text? Doesn't have to utilize the PopUpManager.

      Please help. I've spent 4 hours trying to tackle this.  I even tried to do a DoEvent (Visual Studio) type loop until the button was clicked or variable was no longer blank.