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    Backlighting Effects

    mentalcase129 Level 1

      I'm working on a cartoon in Flash and doing all my editing and compositing in Premiere.  I've been exporting from Flash in layers so that I can do some additional lighting effects to my characters beyond shadows and highlights I've drawn on them.  I'm going for kind of a noirish feel and I was wondering if anybody knew of any ways that I could get a cool backlighting effect on my characters using the tools in Premiere.  Kinda looking to have the characters almost completely shrouded in black but with some bright hard edge glow around either the whole character or on one specific edge.  I've seen some pretty cool lighting effects similar to what I'm going for done to 2D characters like mine...not a hundred percent sure those were done with Premiere though.  If need be I can paint in sillouhette in Flash but I'd still need to know how to get the glow around the edges.

      Anybody out there have any suggestions or tips and tricks on how I could achieve an effect like that?  I'm thinking maybe there's a combination of effects/filters I could use.

      thanks guys.