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    DIR11 and DIRMX2004 crash

    the real POTMO Level 1
      This is something we have found and I thought that the community would be happ to know this when you guys get this bug. This is a bout a crash thet youll get in both authoringmode and pluginmode.

      * create a Flash XML-Sockets in director with gConnectionHandler.pSocket = newObject("XMLSocket") in a script that you store in a global variable (for example gConnectionHandler).
      * Set the callback with pSocket.setCallback(pSocket , "onData", #onData, gConnectionHandler)
      * connect with pSocket.connect("")
      * move to a new movie with jumpMovie for example
      * let the server send a message to your socket
      * watch crash.

      When you get to to the new movie. Renew the callback handler to your global variable.
      so in your global script (gConnectionHandler) do this again:
      gConnectionHandler.pSocket.setCallback(pSocket , "onData", #onData, gConnectionHandler)

      Have fun. If you'd like more information about this. Just post, im subscribed to this thread and will answer!