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    Medical device licensing for Acrobat Reader


      Adobe states, in EULA for Acrobat reader version 9, the following:


      You will not use any Adobe Runtime on any non-PC device or with any embedded or device version of any operating system. [...Examples...] You may not use it on ... kiosk, medical devices...


      This is the question:

      I need to use Acrobat Reader on a "medical" device that is controlled by a Panel PC with OS Windows XP Professional. This is just a simple controller and has no contact with patients and has no life substainig applications. I don't need to distribute Acorbat Reader with interface software, but, if needed, it must be called from command line (the program is downloaded and installed by final user).

      I don't understand if I need special licensing, since it is installed on a common operating system, not developed for particular applications. Such examples are applicable only when OS is embedded or customized for control devices or this regulation is mandatory also for this kind of application?


      In case I need special licensing, what should I do? Are there any fees?