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    Help using image in Flash please..........

    Pete-1967 Level 1

      Hi all,

      Posted a question the other day and still no answer to solve my problem and it is driving me mad


      I am trying to use an image created in Fireworks that has gradients in it (please see attached pic).

      For some reason Flash makes the image look real bad. I have tried importing into Flash as a PNG and as a JPEG, it still looks dreadful.

      I am now wondering if I can create a Flash document using 'transparency' as a background then import over the image on the website however from what I can see I cannot create a transparent stage that is transparent in Flash, it has to be a colour. Is this the case or am I missing something????


      Please can someone give me some idea on how to overcome this.


      I cant believe I can make an image in Fireworks that Flash can then not maintain the quality. Seems soooooooo simple but yet doesn't work.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can you show a screen that displays your image along side whatever it looks like in Flash that you object to?  I am not familiar enough to be able to tell, but I imported your png file onto the stage and couldn't determine there was any degradation to it.  When I imported it, I did not select the option to import as a single flattened bitmap, and did select the option to import Objects as bitmaps to maintain appearance.


          PS - I took an action to have your other posting adjusted... don't be surprised if you get a notice of an "Abuse report".... it's the quickest way I know of to get attention.

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            brooksrv Level 2

            I was able to import your image with no degradation in the image quality. In Flash, are you trying to adjust the size of the image? If so, that will affect the quality. If so, in Fireworks, do File > Image Preview then on the Options tab, ensure that PNG format is selected, then on the File tab, adjust the desired scale and finaly export the image.

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              Pete-1967 Level 1

              Hi Ned,

              Thank you for sorting my other post out, good of you.

              Not sure how to post a screen of what I see on here, will have a go.
              I will also try your option imports however I am sure I have played and imported every way I can and it still isn't keeping the image clear.

              If your able to import my image and it looks fine then I guess I 'must' be doing something wrong!
              All I can say is it is like the resolution in Flash is not right. In Fireworks I can increase the resolution to make images better in quality, it seems in Flash I can't so the result, to me anyway, is that the imported image isn't clear.


              When I import the image to Flash the beveled highlighted line is not clear, as it should be, it looks slightly out of focus.

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                Pete-1967 Level 1

                Attached is what I am getting in Flash.