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    Backbase method from Flex app


      Hi all! I could not found any example how to interact with BB code.

      I need to run some Backbase code when clicking on Button in my Flex application.

      Could you provide a little example for this?

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          dkolesetsky Level 1

          So, there is my page source:


          <div id="page-controller" style="display: none">
                  Initializes the page controller
              <s:event b:on="init"></s:event>


                  Opens the page in the current tab
                  $pageID - Page to load in tab. ID is a concatenation of URL and UUID (<url>[:<uuid>]), where
                  UUID suffix is optional
              <s:event b:on="open">
                  <s:task b:action="trigger" b:event="load" b:target="id('tabboxPanel')" />



          And I need to call this "open".

          I tried :

                      var u:URLRequest = new URLRequest("javascript:document.getElementById('page-controller').fireEvent('open')");

          From FF i got error that fireEvent is not the function... and from IE - invalid argument.((

          What else?