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    Drag and Drop Hyperlink Creation

    lmarden Level 2
      I just logged an enhancement request with Adobe, but I thought I could drum up some additional requests for it by running my idea by all y'all.

      I am building a topic that has countless hyperlinks to files - documents. The navigation to these files, even when in the same directory, is really getting tedious. So, I asked Adobe to consider the ability to somehow drag and drop files to create hyperlinks. In other words, I want to be able to position both an open RH project and Windows Explorer on my desktop, and drag files from Explorer into the RH topic, and have the hyperlink auto-create.

      I tried doing this, and it actually looks like the file is coming over - you get that little cursor change that indicates data is moving. But when I release the mouse button, nothing. It's a big tease.

      So, all you geniuses, if you like the idea, consider logging a request too.
      And, if there is a way to do this and I just wasted ten minutes moaning about nuthin', let me know!!!