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    PP CS4 renders to different size


      I joined this forum because I was having a problem rendering videos in Premiere Pro CS4 that I couldn't figure out. In my search of these discussions I found some other users who were having the same problem but I didn't see any solutions. So while I was preparing to post my specs here, I think I found the source of my problem and the solution and wanted to share this with you.


      The problem was that even though the video played correctly it would suddenly change the size and ratio leaving some large black empty space after doing a render.


      When setting up my new project I chose "Desktop" under the preset sequence settings. I needed to do this because none of the presets matched the size of my source video. Under the "General" tab and "Video Previews" the Preview File Format will automatically default to Microsoft AVI when in the Desktop editing mode. This you can not change. However, the "Codec" will also default to DV (24p advanced) and you will need to change this. I chose Microsoft RLE and it worked fine.