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    unload xml problem

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      I've got a site together that holds a news ticker controlled by AS and calls in the text from an xml doc.
      My problem is that the ticker only needs to be on 2 pages - the main page and the news page, the only way I found to get the ticker to work was to place the AS at the root and not in a mc as it didn't like it!
      I've tried coming up with some code to unload the xml doc when page2, 4 & 5 buttons are pressed but I'm having no luck.
      Any ideas anyone?
      Below is my code for the ticker.
      Thanks in advance for any input.

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          Hi - is there a quick bit of code I can attach to the button to cancel the ticker AS. I've tried to unload the ticker_mc but it won't work also tried to unload the ticker_text.xml with no joy either - am I missing something very simple?
          I've got the desired effect with the ticker and in the correct position but it just won't turn off when I need it to!!
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            Is there anyone how can point me in the right direction? I've spent 2 days now trying to find a solution with no success.
            I've tried making the mc invisible ie _visible = false, i've tried to unload the mc, i've tried to cancel the AC with code but nothing works.
            The closest I've come to a solution is the unload movie command set on the page buttons but it unload everything and I end up with a blank screen!
            Even though I use:
            Also tried the removeMovieClip - as the ticker_mc is called by the attachMovie command.
            Please - any help would be appreciated as I need to get this live asap.
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              you can't cancel code. you can remove any objects that are displayed on-stage, however. so, you should be able to remove anything that you like.