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    AutoCad dxf file fails to import correctly in Illustrator CS3


      I installed the new plug-in, AiCS3dfx.dmg but it does not address the problem I am having in Illustrator. CS3 is suppose 3D objects, retaining the original shape.


      "Illustrator supports most AutoCAD data, including 3D objects, shapes and paths, external references, region objects, spline objects (mapped to Bezier objects that retain the original shape), raster objects, and text objects." per Adobe support material.


      When I place the dxf file on a page, it comes in flat. What can I do to bring this file in with the 3D effect? When I go to FILE>PLACE to import the file or FILE>OPEN, I do not get any options other than to scale the image to fit. Is there a fix for this problem? Is CS4 better equipped to import AutoCad files?